Berliner Messingventile

Revival of vintage-radiator valves

Traditional German Design

Berlin brass valves is our newest valve series. Our source of inspiration for this was a check valve, which had been found in June 2013 in a Berlin basement. It was love at first sight: we saw immediately that this is a valve which can provide spaces style and elegance. Six months later, after dozens of sketches and drawings of the ancient disc and the T handle, the molds were produced. Since then, we produce available regulating this both with straight and angled connection.

The ancient model dating back to the last years of the 19th century and has all typical features of this period on. This vintage-regulating valve is made of solid brass and has a gag Bakelite handle. A delicate floral motif plays around the embossed name and Heizstufenanzeige.

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